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We are committed to providing the highest standards and practices at competitive prices. All of our equipment is regularly calibrated to ensure accurate and reliable readings. Calibration certificates are available on request.

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Air Balancing

We measure and adjust the air flow of all major HVAC systems to ensure all the systems are functioning as per their design specifications & parameters. This could include flow measurements for air handling units, roof top units, exhaust fans and dust collection systems.

Water Balancing

We measure and adjust the water flow for all heating and chilled water pumps, heat exchangers, chillers, coils and domestic hot water systems to ensure they are functioning as per their design specification.

Testing & Analysis

We identify and adjust (if possible) any problems with the existing system that may arise during our testing that could solve the heating, cooling and pressurization issues in the building.

Pressurization Testing

We offer different types of pressure testing including static pressure testing, stairwell and building pressurization testing, and hospital / lab clean room pressurization testing.

Sound Testing

We take acoustic measurements of the sound level within each occupied room (offices, labs, classrooms) created by the HVAC system to ensure it is within the acceptable noise levels.

Fume Hood Testing

All fume hoods should be testing periodically (at least annually) to verify proper operation. We test to confirm proper air flow & face velocity of the fume hood as per ASHRAE standards.

Fire Damper Testing

Most commercial buildings have fire dampers installed in the ventilation duct work that will close on detection of heat/smoke to help stop the spread of fire via the duct work. We inspect and confirm proper operation of the fire dampers after installation.

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